Healthy Cat Snacks Sugar Candy

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  • This cat candy is very nutritious and is perfect for cats. 
  • Its ingredients are catnip and fish gelatin. 
  • Fish gelatin contains high levels of collagen, various vitamins and trace elements needed by many cats to meet the health and nutritional needs of cats. 
  • Catnip can make the cat happy, increase the amount of water, and promote the cat to spit out the hairball. 
  • There is adhesive tape behind the base of the candy, which can be fixed on the table legs, chair legs, the ground, etc., to facilitate the cat lick. 
  • At the same time, it also comes with a plastic cover to prevent the cat from indulging in it and not eating cat food. 
  • If you have or plan to have a cute cat. Then for the health and nutritional needs of cats, you should buy this cat candy for your cat. 



 Styling: spherical candy 

Ingredients: catnip + fish gelatin 

Weight: 12g 

Size: 3.8cm*3.8cm*3.8cm 

Candy size: 2cm*2cm*1cm 

Package Included: 

1*Fixed cat healthy nutrition candy 


The Healthy Cat Snacks Sugar Candy destined to impress, and priced at only $19.90, for a limited time.

Inventory Last Updated: Oct 01, 2023

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